Dine on traditional Mexican food at a top Cancun restaurant


Discover the taste of Mexico at Hacienda Sisal, one of the top restaurants in Cancun. Savor mouthwatering Mexican food, tequila for connoisseurs and much more in a romantic setting with warm hacienda hospitality. From the moment you are greeted at the door with Bienvenidos or “welcome to Hacienda Sisal,” an exceptional dining experience awaits you, a Mexican memory to treasure when you return home.
A rich blend of the freshest locally sourced ingredients and traditional family recipes passed down from generation to generation, the Mexican food we serve at Hacienda Sisal restaurant in Cancun is a labor of love and a matter of pride for our chefs, a celebration of Mexico’s glorious culinary heritage.
Mexican cuisine is rich, complex and exciting. Endless flavors and enticing aromas, it is a marriage of native herbs and spices used since the days of the ancient Maya and Aztecs and European and Middle Eastern ingredients introduced by Spanish settlers in the 16th century. Not surprisingly, it is on the UNESCO World Heritage list and here in Hacienda Sisal we showcase some of the country’s most famous dishes and our chef’s own inventive take on classic recipes with a contemporary twist.
Our menu takes you on a tasting trip through Mexico, from north to south and from Cancun on the shores of the Mexican Caribbean to the Pacific coast. There’s something for everyone and whether you order our flavorsome enchiladas and tacos or our famous homemade Oaxaca-style mole, tender roast pork carnitas or fresh Caribbean lobster, it’s sure to be delicious.
During the week
Enjoy Mexico’s favorite snacks, a selection of tacos on Taco Tuesday with our taco lunch special from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Try the pozole buffet for lunch on Pozole Thursday and listen to live Mexican music on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.




Traditional Mexican food with a contemporary twist

Lime Soup

Our menu is a marriage of traditional time-honored ingredients from the Mexican kitchen with a contemporary twist. The result: bold flavor pairings and forms to entice and intrigue the palate

Back to our roots to bring you the finest Mexican food

We have gone back to the land to bring you the finest and freshest ingredients from all over Mexico, organically grown produce and artisanal, traditionally made spirits. From our locally sourced seafood and the catch of the day to organic coffee and the seasonal fruit and Mexican chocolate we use in our tempting desserts, we bring you the best of this beautiful country.